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Motorcycle Accidents
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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers in Chicago IL

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois

If you have suffered serious injury in a motorcycle accident, take care with the personal injury law firm you choose to represent you in insurance company negotiations. Motorcycle accidents are different from car accidents — in terms of the likelihood of serious injuries, the complexity of reconstructing the accident, and public perceptions of motorcycle riders. All these factors affect a motorcycle accident victims ability to get a fair settlement, or jury award, for his or her injuries.

Choose an Illinois personal injury law firm with significant experience representing seriously injured accident survivors. Walsh, Knippen & Cetina, Chartered, is a Wheaton, Illinois, law firm in operation since 1980. Our legal team, considered as a whole, brings more than a centurys worth of legal experience to the table on behalf of every client.

Start Seeing Motorcycles

Car drivers have a blind spot where motorcycle riders are concerned — both literally and figuratively. Most cars are constructed in a way that makes it difficult for drivers to see motorcycles approaching from the rear. Also, most car drivers forget to stay vigilant and actively search for motorcycles on the road. If more car drivers started seeing motorcycles, many motorcycle accidents would be prevented.

As it stands now, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has risen steadily since 1997, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Even when motorcycle accidents are not fatal, riders suffer serious injuries, especially brain injury or paralysis.

Our lawyers often enlist the services of expert witnesses in motorcycle accident cases, including doctors, accident reconstructionists, rehabilitation specialists and life care planners. We work with these specialists to ensure that we build a complete picture of the effect of the accident on our clients life and future prospects.

A personal injury settlement is an accident victims only opportunity to receive financial compensation for costs associated with the accident, as well as future expenses made necessary by the accident such as home remodeling for wheelchair access, rehabilitative care or vocational retraining.

Contact Walsh, Knippen & Cetina, Chartered, for a free consultation with an experienced attorney in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. We represent clients on a contingency basis. If we accept your case, you will pay no attorney fees unless we obtain compensation in your motorcycle accident claim.

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