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Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse
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Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Lawyers

Wheaton Illinois Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Wheaton Illinois Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Attorneys

Nursing home residents are often injured by the very people entrusted with the care of our frail or elderly loved ones.

If a member of your family suffered from nursing home neglect or abuse, you know that residents often do not have the resiliency to spring back from an injury. A bed sore or a broken hip can trigger a rapid decline in health that results in premature death.

Nursing Home Residents Have Rights

The attorneys of Walsh, Knippen & Cetina, Chartered, in Wheaton, Illinois, stand up for the rights of nursing home residents. We seek full financial compensation for damages caused by nursing home neglect and abuse.

Our lawyers represent clients who have suffered extremely serious injuries or family members of those who died a wrongful death because of nursing home neglect and abuse, such as:

  • Failure to prevent life-threatening bed sores
  • Malnourishment
  • Dehydration
  • Medication errors and overdoses
  • Failure to properly monitor
  • Improper wound care
  • Infections
  • Failure to properly screen employees
  • Failure to establish or implement fall prevention plans
  • Failure to monitor diabetes
  • Failure to provide medical services
  • Dropping patients while lifting or transporting them

Compensating Victims, Encouraging Responsible Behavior

Large verdicts and settlements in nursing home neglect and abuse cases compensate injured individuals. They also encourage responsible behavior by all nursing home owners — from those who own a single facility to large companies like Alden Nursing Homes and Woodglen Nursing Homes that own and manage many homes.

To arrange a free consultation about a case of nursing home neglect or abuse, please contact our law firm today.

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