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New Developments

New Developments - Law Firm News

$7.3 Million Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict

On June 20, 2006 a Circuit Court of Cook County Jury awarded $7,287,087.00 to one of the firm s catastrophically injured clients. Ed Walsh successfully prosecuted this challenging medical malpractice trial which lasted 2 1/2 weeks. The case involved the professional negligence of an ENT surgeon who failed to properly surgically remove a non-cancerous facial tumor. After undergoing extensive corrective surgery by another surgeon, the Plaintiff was left with significant facial paralysis and disfigurement. Prior to trial, Ed and Partner attempted to settle the case for $2.1 Million; however, the Defendants, through their insurer, Illinois State Medical Insurance Exchange (ISMIE), offered $500,000 to settle the case. This unreasonable monetary offer was rejected and the case proceeded to trial resulting in the $7.3 Million Jury Verdict in favor of the Firm s client.

This is the third multi-million dollar medical malpractice verdict in excess of available insurance secured by Ed Walsh since 2003. This outstanding Jury Verdict was achieved due to several reasons: the ability of Walsh, Knippen & Cetina, Chartered to secure the pre-trial guidance and trial testimony of the finest medical expert Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon witnesses; the use of digital computer demonstrative medical anatomical and documentary exhibits; and the use of Summation© software which allows the trial attorneys to digitally file and instantaneously search and use all pre-trial deposition testimony and daily copy trial testimony.

Finally, the achievement of this record Jury Verdict was accomplished most significantly due to the trial skills and extensive medical malpractice experience of Ed and all of the members of the Firm and its trial team. Their experience as medical malpractice trial lawyers allowed the Jury to fully understand the complex medical and legal issues and award fair and reasonable compensation to their worthy client.

2006-2007 Environmental and Community Donations

New for 2007, the firm has contracted, through Community Energy, (www.communityenergy.com) to purchase all of its energy power usage in wind energy for the 2007-2008 year. A growing number of communities, utilities, and government agencies are putting green power programs in place to offer more choice to consumers about where their energy comes from. Green power is energy produced from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, geothermal energy, and landfill gas. These energy sources have dramatically lower pollution emissions and cause much less environmental damage than fossil fuels. To learn more about Community Energy, please visit their website.

$2,550,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Ed Walsh secured a $2,550,000 settlement for a 17 year old female client who was struck and rolled over by an unattended and driverless van. The defendants left the van unattended and in neutral at the top of a driveway with a steep incline. The young lady suffered a severe degloving injury to her left leg when the driverless van rolled down the driveway, striking the student and rolling over her left leg as she pushed her fellow student out of harms way. Although she has undergone numerous plastic and reconstructive surgeries, she has been left with a significant cosmetic deformity.

The trial attorneys retained a vocational rehabilitation expert and life care planner in order to fully illustrate and establish the future care needs of their worthy young client. In this way, and through the use of their skilled mediation techniques, they were able to achieve a settlement that will provide for the future care and educational needs of their wonderful young client.

As an expression of her deep gratitude, our young client gave Ed a bronze statue of Justice along with cards expressing her heart-felt thanks. Her words of thanks follow:

...I just want to let you know thanks a lot for everything you have done for me. The help I have received from you will last life long in securing my future for the rest of my life. You have always guided me just like any other parents would. You have always put in your 100% to help me out. You took care of me in situations that you didn't have to

Ed Walsh Selected and Named Illinois Super Lawyer

In 2004, 2005, 2006 and again in 2007, Law & Politics and the publishers of Chicago Magazine have again selected Ed Walsh as one of Illinois Super Lawyers in the specialized practice area of Plaintiff s Personal Injury, representing seriously injured people and the loved ones of people who are negligently and wrongfully killed.

Chicago Magazine and Law & Politics Magazine mailed more than 47,000 ballots to Illinois attorneys who have been licensed more than five years. Law & Politics asked the attorneys to name the best lawyers they had personally observed in action. The intent was to discourage lawyers form nominating others based solely on reputation.

Law & Politics research department carefully reviewed the balloting results and reviewed the credentials of the attorneys nominated. A blue ribbon panel of attorneys then further refined the selection process. Finally, based upon the statewide ballot totals, research of each candidate s professional accomplishments, and blue ribbon panel review, the Super Lawyers were finally selected.

Ed Walsh has represented people seriously injured and killed due to automobile/truck collisions, medical malpractice, product liability and legal malpractice for 34 years. He has secured numerous multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements for his needy clients. In further recognition of his integrity and skill, the Justices of the Illinois Supreme Court have appointed him as Member and Chairman (2001-2006) of the Supreme Court Committee on Character and Fitness to Practice Law and a member of the original Committee on Professionalism.

Ed Walsh Speaks at the Iowa Trial Lawyers Association

The Iowa Trial Lawyers Association has invited Ed Walsh to be one of three national keynote speakers at its 2007 Annual Convention in Des Moines, Iowa.

Ed addressed more than 400 Iowa Trial Lawyers on November 9, 2007 and shared with them some of the insight and wisdom he has gained during his 34 years as a Trial Lawyer.

Eds presentation, entitled A Trial Lawyer Just Like You-34 Years of Wisdom Gained provided some of his insight on how active and challenged Trial Lawyers can remain energized, motivated and successful as they advocate for their clients. His presentation focused on the importance of having a case theme for each clients case. He suggested techniques, technology and trial practice skills to develop and promote the case theme from the initial client interview through closing argument.

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