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Tort Reform and Our Constitutional Rights

Ed Walsh Speaks to Community Service Organizations

Recently legislation at the federal and state levels has been discussed and considered . The proposed legislation would substantially take away our 7th Amendment Constitutional Rights to a full and fair trial by jury if we, or our family members and loved ones are injured as a result of medical malpractice.

The politicians who are advocating the erosion of our Constitutional rights to a full and fair jury trial profess that there is a medical malpractice insurance crisis . However, all of the unbiased factual studies and data throughout the country illustrate that there really is no such crisis.

In an effort to inform area citizens and potential jurors of the truth about medical malpractice cases and insurance, Ed Walsh has created a PowerPoint presentation on this important subject. The presentation is entitled Tort Reform and Your Constitutional Rights. You may review the presentation on this page . You may also request a free copy for your own use and education.

Recently the New York Times and Crains Chicago Business have published excellent articles consistent with the facts contained in Eds presentation . Ed has shared his experience and knowledge on this most important subject with Lions Clubs, Rotary Organizations, Kiwanis and League of Women Voters Organizations throughout communities in Du Page County, Illinois.

If we all strive to inform and educate our fellow citizens of the true facts and data on this critical subject, our Constitutional Rights will not be further diminished by politicians in Washington and Springfield . Instead, we will protect and preserve our most valued right to a full and fair trial by a jury of our fellow citizens.

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