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$2,550,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Ed Walsh secured a $2,550,000 settlement for a 17 year old female client who was struck and rolled over by an unattended and driverless van. The defendants left the van unattended and in neutral at the top of a driveway with a steep incline. The young lady suffered a severe degloving injury to her left leg when the driverless van rolled down the driveway, striking the student and rolling over her left leg as she pushed her fellow student out of harms way. Although she has undergone numerous plastic and reconstructive surgeries, she has been left with a significant cosmetic deformity.

The trial attorneys retained a vocational rehabilitation expert and life care planner in order to fully illustrate and establish the future care needs of their worthy young client. In this way, and through the use of their skilled mediation techniques, they were able to achieve a settlement that will provide for the future care and educational needs of their wonderful young client.

As an expression of her deep gratitude, our young client gave Ed a bronze statue of Justice along with cards expressing her heart-felt thanks. Her words of thanks follow:

...I just want to let you know thanks a lot for everything you have done for me. The help I have received from you will last life long in securing my future for the rest of my life. You have always guided me just like any other parents would. You have always put in your 100% to help me out. You took care of me in situations that you didn't have to

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