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2003 Jury Verdict - $480,000 in Herniated Disc Case

Partner and Jim Knippen recently ended a week on trial in mid-January, 2003, which resulted in a verdict of $478,280.73 for their client. The defense had refused to make any offer to settle the suit. The case concerned a 40 year-old woman who was in an automobile collision and suffered a herniated disc. The issue in the case revolved around an eight-month delay before she went to any physicians office for treatment. Partner and Jim were able to show, through the testimony of a number of witnesses, that the delay was in keeping with the plaintiffs personality and that she had exhibited symptoms of back pain during the interim time.

The plaintiff was a homemaker, and through the use of an expert witness at trial, they were able to demonstrate the monetary value of the services she was no longer able to perform at home as a result of her injuries. The law office wishes to thank all of the members of its staff, whose teamwork approach makes innovative trial work on behalf of our clients a goal we can achieve.

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