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Case Histories - Automobile/Truck Accidents

Personal Injury: Out of State Automobile Crash : Death $1.1 Million Award

Partner settled a case for a client who was a foreign national, here on a working visa, who was killed when his car crashed after the driver lost control on an Indiana highway. The issue in this case revolved around the question of whether the driver was acting as the agent for his employer at the time of the crash or was only on a personal vacation trip. The settlement amount represented the full amount of the insurance policies available to the driver and his employer.

Automobile/Van Crash - Herniated Disc

Circuit Court of Cook County, IL
$480,000 Award

Partner and Jim Knippen, went to jury trial on a herniated disc case in an automobile crash case. A 36 year-old mother was struck from behind by a passenger van and suffered a herniated disc in her back. Because of a fear of doctors, she sought no medical treatment for seven months after the crash. The insurance company for the van driver refused to offer any money, claiming that her condition was not caused by the crash because of the long delay before any treatment was sought. Partner and Jim were able to convince the jury that the injury did occur at the time of the collision, and she received $480,000 after trial. This was more than four times the amount of the van drivers insurance coverage, an amount the plaintiff was willing to accept before the trial. A DuPage attorney received a referral fee on this case.

Murray v. R. A. Bright Construction Company

Case Number 95 L 4826
Circuit Court of Will County, IL
$1.9 Million Award

On May 22, 1995, a 38 year-old woman was catastrophically injured when a truck being driven by an employee of R. A. Bright Construction Company crossed the center line and collided with her automobile, head-on. As a result of the violent collision, she suffered severe and permanent orthopedic injuries, preventing her from continuing her previous employment as a network computer systems analyst.

Through the use of a professionally organized and conducted mock trial/focus group, Ed Walsh and Partner presented their case to a mock jury, prior to trial. The results of the mock trial jury verdict allowed the firm to negotiate a $1,900,000.00 settlement on behalf of their client. The settlement will allow their client to pursue her computer skills and enjoy those non-employment activities that are an important part of her life.

The use of mock trial/focus groups is another example of how or firm uses state-of-the-art, cutting-edge strategies to maximize jury verdicts and settlements for their needy clients.

By presenting select significant cases to mock jury/focus groups, the attorneys learn what aspects of their cases are weak and need further improvement, as well as those aspects of their cases that are powerful and extra-significant. In this way, the attorneys improve their trial lawyer skills and enhance the quality of their clients cases. As a result, the lawyers are more able to secure results for their clients, which will allow them to receive lifetime educational, medical and rehabilitation care, and provide for their lifetime financial security.

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