Congratulations to Our Leading and Emerging Lawyers!

Leading Lawyers Magazine named partners Ed Walsh, Jim Knippen and Mike Cetina as Leading Lawyers and attorney Matt Heimlich as an Emerging Lawyer for 2019. Leading Lawyers Magazine also ran a separate feature on founding partner Ed Walsh. Congrats to all!

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WKC NEWS: We Have A Verdict!

Earlier this week, attorneys Michael Cetina and Matthew Heimlich obtained a verdict of $588,788.18 against a nursing home on behalf of the family of an 84 year-old resident who fell and fractured her hip. An excellent result for deserving clients!  

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When a Seller Is Liable in an Injury Case

Illinois’ product liability law allows you to file a personal injury lawsuit against anyone involved in the distribution chain of the product that caused your injury. This can include the manufacturer of the product, the seller, and anyone who handled the product in between. The manufacturer ends up being the sole defendant in many cases. Illinois has a law, commonly called the seller’s exception, that instructs the courts to dismiss defendants that are not manufacturers of the product. However, there are exceptions to the seller’s exception that permit you to …
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Electrician Suing White Sox for Roof Top Accident

An electrician who was injured while working at Guaranteed Rate Field is trying to collect damages from the Chicago White Sox and two other defendants who he says were liable for the accident. In Zahumensky v. Chicago White Sox Lmtd., the plaintiff claims that the defendants’ negligence created an unsafe work environment that led to his injury. A circuit court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, but an appellate court overturned that ruling for two of the defendants. Case Details The plaintiff worked for a sign company that …
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Effective Testimony in a Nursing Home Negligence Case

Nursing home residents are trusting the doctors and staff of the facility with their wellbeing at a time when they are less capable of taking care of themselves. If a nursing home is negligent in its care, a resident has a right to compensation for his or her worsened physical condition. Documentation of injuries and expert testimony are important in proving that the resident’s condition is the result of improper care. Residents need people who are willing to testify on their behalf during the case. Resident as a Witness The …
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When Can Ambulance Drivers Be Liable for Car Accidents?

Ambulance drivers are mostly immune from personal injury liability if they cause an accident with another vehicle while on duty. Illinois’ Emergency Medical Services Systems Act states that the driver of a vehicle providing medical services cannot be civilly liable for his or her actions unless his or her misconduct was willful or wanton. This means that the ambulance driver must have knowingly put other drivers in danger with his or her actions. Those who are immune include: Ambulance drivers who are transporting a patient for non-emergency medical treatment; and …
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Tips to Help Prevent Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Illinois

Walking is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation, since it provides people with a healthy and eco-friendly way to travel. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, around four million Americans reported that they walked to work in the past week. Unfortunately, pedestrians are one of the only categories that have seen an increase in traffic fatalities in recent years, while most other categories of fatalities have decreased. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were nearly 6,000 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents in …
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Kia to Recall Thousands of Vehicles After Reports of Engine Fires

Vehicles go through multiple safety tests and crash simulations to make sure that they are safe for consumers to drive. The scary thing is, your vehicle could be a danger to you, not by failing to protect you from impacts in a collision, but because of the internal components in the vehicle itself. Recently, Kia Motors has issued recalls for around 68,000 motor vehicles because of reports that hundreds of those vehicles have caught fire. Company Voluntarily Recalls Vehicles for Inspection Despite Government Shutdown Kia Motors issued a recall plan …
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3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Car Accident Injuries

One of the most dangerous and unpredictable places you can be is on the road behind the wheel of your car. There are so many other drivers and outside factors around you, meaning anything could happen in a split second. Car accidents often occur out of nowhere with little to no warning signs, which makes them frightening. They can also cause extensive damage to your vehicle and serious injuries to yourself or your passengers. While some accidents are unavoidable, you can take steps to protect yourself from injury. Here are …
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Preventing Injuries from Common, Dangerous Hospital Errors

When most people think of a hospital, they think of it as a safe place to go when one needs medical help. While these places of healing are crucial to many people, they can also be an incredibly dangerous environment. According to The Leapfrog Group, an independent hospital safety advocate, nearly 440,000 people die every year due to medical mistakes made in hospitals. What is particularly unfortunate is that most of these deadly mistakes are preventable. Here are a few common medical errors that occur in U.S. hospitals and how …
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